Slurry Gasbuster

Introducing the Slurry GasBuster by Clare Engineering (Cavan) Ltd.

“Reducing the risk of Farm deaths from slurry gas”

“In Ireland, over 40 million tonnes of slurry are stored, handled and spread each year.” Teagasc 2016

Agitating slurry produces Hydrogen Sulphide Gas which can lead to death.

The Slurry GasBuster helps reduce this risk by replacing contaminated air with clean safe air. This machine is capable of effecting 50 number air changes in a slatted shed measuring 20 x 15 metres. To demostrate the Gasbuster in action we have compiled this short video below. Fore more information please feel free to conatct us by email or phone our office.

Using the Slurry GasBuster when agitating slurry will generate a continuous movement of air replacing contaminated air with clean breathable air significantly reducing risk of death when agitating is being carried out.

The Gasbuster should only be used as a means of reducing the risk of inhalation of Hydrogen Sulphide.

When agitating slurry the HSA guidelines should always be followed;

  • Evacuate and ventilate before you agitate.
  • Never agitate slurry in still air conditions.
  • Move all animals out of the shed before commencing.
  • Work upwind at all times.
  • At least two people should be present at all times.
  • Open all doors and outlets to provide a draught.
  • Never stand over slats or near tank access points when agitation is in progress.
  • Gases can build up and remain in partially emptied tanks above the slurry, never enter a tank for any reason.

“Drowning in slurry and water, and asphyxiation (gaspoisoning), caused 14% of farm deaths between 2000 and 2009”
HSA CEO Martin O’Halloran April 2016